Friday, July 25, 2008

Avenue Banners --- Low cost, effective advertising

American Heritage avenue banners are constructed from weather resistant, durable vinyl materials and remain bright with specially formulated inks that resist fading and cracking through all of the seasonal extremes. Custom avenue banners (also known as light pole banners) are an effective method of promoting your special event, celebration, city, school, product or business. Our custom avenue banners are a time tested method of low cost & effective advertising plus they are decorative, colorful, and durable.

American Heritage will assist you in designing a distinct avenue banner that is just right for your community or special event. Call us at: 888-350-2101 to start the process. We can also arrange to have your avenue banners installed in your community.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chesterfied, MO Light Pole Banners - A big success

The seasonal light pole custom banner program in Chessterfield, MO is now in its second quarter featuring colorful "star burst" summer banners. There have been many compliments on the designs (created by American Heritage) which have brought pride to the Chesterfield community now celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Custom streetpole banners (also known as avenue or light pole banners) continue to be an inexpensive, low cost method of promoting a city, a celebration, an annniversay, a product, an event or just something colorful related to the four seasons. Lightpole banners are always decorative and welcome whenever they appear ----just look at how colorful and decorative they will be when you see them on television in a few weeks from the Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.

Quality light pole banners from American Heritage continue to be a big success.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Longevity of Avenue/Lightpole Banners?

We are often asked what to expect for the life of a lightpole banner (also known as "avenue or steetpole banners). There is no exact answer to this question except to consider your local weather conditions which are impacted by wind, sun, rain, sleet, or humidity or just average weather. We almost always suggest vinyl material to print on because of the excellent and vibrant color reproduction plus we believe vinyl provides an average life of three years ---- sometimes more or sometimes less. We have seen vinyl banners last upwards of seven years although this would be unusual. Generally, we suggest you change your banners and designs every two years to maintain freshness. There are other material options which we will discuss with you by calling American Heritage at: 888-350-2101.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lightpole banners or Streetpole banners? Which is correct?

More often than not, our lightpole banners are referred to by a variety of popular and correct names. Here are some names that are familiar: avenue banners; roadway banners; streetpole banners; light pole banners; street pole banners; road way banners; avenue banners; pole banners and parking lot banners. You can see that there are many varied names for these decorative and inexpensive message banners. American Heritage would like to develop name uniformity but knowing that is unlikely, we simply prefer to have our products referred to as light pole banners or street pole banners . So, for the time being, we will answer to any of the foregoing names.