Aluminum and Fiberglass Flagpoles

With our large selection of indoor and outdoor flagpoles, American Heritage is your best source for flag poles for residential or commercial locations. We offer only high-quality flag poles made from durable materials engineered to meet wind and vibration criteria. Select an aluminum flag pole complete with all accessories and in your choice of colors, black, bronze, or white for the perfect decorative touch.

If you're looking for an easy, affordable flag pole for your home or business, consider our residential/sectional flag poles or commercial flag poles. Bright, colorful flags flying atop tapered aluminum or fiberglass flag poles dramatically draw the eye wherever they wave - at your residence, institution, school, or social organization. They even serve as landmarks to identify your location.

But that's not all. American Heritage also offers over 150 flagpole accessories -- eagles, ornamental balls, cleats, ropes, brackets, and many more - so you can customize your flagpole in greater detail. Your flag deserves an attractive and attention-getting presentation. American Heritage can help you create it.